Friday, August 30, 2013

Valentino Khan - Cavepaint

Valentino Khan- Cavepaint

Valentino Khan finally releases Cavepaint, which we might remember from his Diplo and Friends Mix. V. Khan not only releases the original, but releases a Trap VIP remix of the original. So Dj's can rejoice, lovers of Trap, and Electro house lovers as well. They are both equally great tunes that feature pumping synths and amazing percussions. The beat pattern is well done and overall you are left with a great tune. Valentino Khan has been cooking up many great tracks lately, and there has been no shortage of quality.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Los Angeles Scene: Shifty Rhythms

L.A. Scene: Shifty Rhythms

Los Angeles is quickly becoming the Mecca for underground electronic music. Coincidently taking place right now is the blending of Hip Hop, Rock, R&B, and Electronic Bass music. The lines have been blurred, but one Angeleno collective is pushing boundaries of Bass music and taking from all styles to form their own unique sound. Shifty Rhythms is one of the freshest collectives in Los Angeles. A roster of next level producers, rappers, and DJ's has made Shifty Rhythms one of the favorites to change the landscape of music. From events to EP releases, there is no stopping this collective. Top releases and great music, its no wonder why the likes of Diplo, Brenmar, and many others have shown support for Shifty Rhythms. And to think this all began in a college dorm.

Here are some tunes for "You and your Mom.... And anyone else who wants it" -Shifty Rhythms



Saturday, August 24, 2013

--The Boarsley Interview--

Last week Liquid Geometry's Boarsley dropped his "Sabbertoother" EP, and now we got an exclusive interview with the man himself, Cameron Bailey.

If you haven't already please check out his music video for the title track and the rest of the "Sabertoother" EP below.  Interview after the jump.

You used to go by Vertighost when living in San Diego. Can you go into a little detail about your new project/vision as Boarsley?

Boarsley's an old nickname that my high school buddies gave me. Using it as my artist name is just something to always remind myself where I came from I guess.

Your sound is very original and fresh, where do you draw your inspirations from for Boarsley?

That's a tough one. I draw inspiration from a lot of different sources. Similar to a lot of electronic musicians, I draw inspiration from science, technology, and mathematics. I grew up playing in punk bands so the whole DIY attitude for music making has also been a major influence. I think that mentality has been a huge factor is the way I make music, trying to do as much from scratch as possible all the way down to programming software or making custom fx/instruments in max for live. I also grew up in a family of musicians, so there was always a good variety of tunes playing around the house. Whitney Houston, Paula Abdul, Mariah Carey from Mom. Brothers Johnson, Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel from Dad. And my older brother has always been on a conquest to find good new music and share it. He's the one who got me into to some of my favorite electronic artists such as Mouse on Mars, Autechre, Squarepusher, Matmos, etc. Over the last few years I've started listening to contemporary composers like Morton Subotnick, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Steve Reich, John Cage, Jean-Claude Risset, John Oswald, etc. etc. While I was in SD I came across some pretty influential beat-makers like Mike Gao, Mastah Syphe, Sleeve↓, Mystery Cave, and pretty much everybody hanging around Family Matters, Liquid Geometry, Kill Quanti, Kava Lounge, etc. I've also spent a lot of time working and volunteering for Recombinant Media Labs in both, San Diego as well as Oakland. Some of the surround-cinema work done for RML has completely changed my outlook on electronic media; artists like Ryoichi Kurokawa, Masako Tanaka, and Egbert Mittelstadt.

What can people expect from a live Boarsley show & what is your current set-up?

I really like experimenting with performance systems and I've tried out a lot. One of my favorites has been my guitar with a midi-pickup sending data to Max/MSP which allows me to either play notes into softsynths or apply fx to pre-recorded material based on which note is being played while controlling fx parameters based on how much that note is being bent. I also like to include my Korg Electribe and KP3 whenever possible. I'm currently working on an anaglyph 3D audio-visual set which combines urban field recordings and video collected with a 3D camera with synthesized 3D graphics and audio. Should be a lot of nerdy fun when it's finally complete.

You graduated from UCSD not to long ago and received your BA degree, studying under their ICAM program, correct? Can you please go into some details about the program and what you learned and how it’s helped develop your sound?

They've got a great program. The faculty, lectures, staff, students, etc. are all amazing. I'm very lucky to be a part of that community. I can't even begin to tell you how how much I value my experience knowledge gained there.

Your also going to graduate school now in Oakland right? Can you explain what that’s all about, what you hope to learn, and why?

Yeah, I'm about to start at Mills College. They also have a great music program with a long history a ton of vintage analog gear that I can't wait to get my hands on. Please forgive me, but I can't go into what I hope to learn and why without taking all day.

You're also into video production and the visual arts, what do you enjoy most about that aspect and the marriage of audio and visuals?

The two are naturally connected. What people see effects what/how they hear and vice versa. I don't necessarily think of them as separate things.

What’s your favorite record that you own & what are some current artists that you are listening to right now or would recommend that people check out?

Oh damn. Well I've never in my life been able to chose an absolute favorite album.. it's impossible. Artists that I'd recommend people check out are everyone that I mentioned before, the entire Liquid Geometry catalogue, Clark, Neko Case, Africa Hitech, Tortoise, Shabazz Palaces, haha I could keep going all day man.

Any last words good sir?

Thank you for listening!

Thanks for your time!


Sunday, August 18, 2013


Subculture: A cultural group within a larger culture, often having beliefs or interests at variance with those of the larger culture. 
This Saturday August 24th, Dance & Romance presents: SVBCVLTVRE. We will be hosting the inaugural monthly event in Santa Clarita at the Bier Academy. It will be a night filled with bass and tunes to party till the world ends. The Bier Academy features over 50+ beers in rotation on tap and in bottles. Make sure to come check out the making of history. For more info on the event, click [HERE]


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fresh Friday

This Weeks Fresh Friday gets a bit thug. Tons of Hard House, Dutch, Trap, and Rap mixed in. Enjoy these tunes and trap on. Personal favorite is Hucci and the .OZ remix tracks.


Fresh Friday Pt. 2

So part two of this weekly article features more chillwave and mellow tunes. Great for relaxing by the pool or lighting one up with friends. Enjoy the smooth basslines and complex but soft melodic harmonies.  Fresh Fridays always delivers the magical tunes. We start you off with some vocal tracks like darius, then midway of the tracks it gets a little trappier, but dont fray cause it is not overwhelming. Then we end the track list with some more mellow slower tracks that end the track listing right. The freshest tracks just for you. So stay fresh my friends.

Liquid Geometry presents: Boarsley "Sabertoother EP"

Originally from San Diego, transplanted to Oakland, Liquid Geometry's own Boarsley (a.k.a. Cameron Bailey) has just dropped his debut EP, "Sabertoother."

An extreme exercise in experimental electronic dance and hip hop, Boarsley's "Sabertoother EP" takes you on a psychedelic bass journey through space and time.

From start to finish, only the freshest of funky sounds consume your eardrum.  Check out the music video for the title track and take a listen for yourself to the EP in its entirety below.  If you love what you hear, and I'm sure you will, head over to the Liquid G bandcamp and download the EP for FREE. If you have an extra dollar or two to spend, this is the music that we need to support.

All tracks composed, mixed, and mastered by Cameron Bailey (Boarsley)
EP Artwork by Michelle Tran

Monday, August 12, 2013

Collard Greens by School Boy Q ft. Kendrick Lamar

Schoolboy Q and Kendrick Lamar make this latest single a hit. The beat is smooth and the rap flows have a whimsical nature to the lyrics. Collard Greens is a song that will be around for awhile. However the video takes you on an acid trip that you would experience at a party. Apparently School Boy Q is bringing back the bucket hat. Once a popular staple in Hip Hop, eventually faded out and making a new comeback. So enjoy this School Boy Q single leading up to his album.

Fresh Friday

House music has definitely become a staple in major music. The recent rise to success of artist like Daft Punk, Disclosure, and many of the smaller labels have been holding the scene down for the underground house music scenes. Right now the current movements in house that seem more genuine then the house on radio are the Deep house, Garage house, Electro house, and Bass house music scene. So much variation to choose from that its overwhelming. We also included Chillwave a synth influenced slowed down house style. Check out our favorites in the last month.









Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Vibes Vol.1

The Dance & Romance collective is a movement with no music boundaries. We aim to showcase different and evolving sounds in all aspects of music. The Vibes Vol. 1 EP is a compilation featuring Literature, Astral Angst, and Calcat. The theme was good vibes that you would experience at the beach. It accurately reflects are Californian heritage of relaxing and partying under the sun. Vibes Vol. 1 contains three tracks that all have funk and bring various styles such as Deep house, Disco house, and Disco Chillwave.
Astral Angst: Formerly Wilson St. Mafia, Astral Angst is a duo with a cache of future releases. Expect much more from this group in various genres and styles.

Literature: An established name in the disco house scene, Literature has received much support from various heavy weights and continues to release music that is distinctively his unique sound.

Calcat: Pushing the Deep house and Tech sound, you can expect to hear more from this Angeleno native and make sure to catch his various shows in Los Angeles.
Official Vibes X Dance & Romance Mixtape: