Thursday, September 26, 2013

Discover & Download: 2DEEP

Discover & Download: 2DEEP

  Los Angeles has long been a thriving music scene, and in affect is home to many artists and producers. Electronic music has seen a flourishing scene in the city, but what separates Los Angeles from many cities is the connection to the future and strong latin roots. This has led to the rise of electronic music fused with latin and Caribbean rhythms. Championing the movement is 2DEEP. A DJ/Producer duo that has been mastering the sound of Tropical Bass. 2DEEP has really changed the game with music that spans from Festival Twerk, Moombahton, and have coined the term Trapaton to describe some of their productions. It is with their unique sound and hustle that we are able to hear their music in clubs and major festivals. I have been lucky enough to meet 2DEEP and their music embodies their personality of having fun and enjoying the night. So with this in mind we decided at Dance & Romance to ask a few questions. Enjoy!

Congratulations to 2DEEP for winning Tomorrowland competition

D&R: What is your name, favorite food, and what city you from?
Luis: My name is Luis aka papi chulo. My Favorite food Encebollado. I'm from New York, but living in Los Angeles.
Ultra: My name is Ultra. ULT for short, last name BRO. My favorite food is sushi. I’m from Los Angeles, born and raised. =)

D&R: Describe your sound in three words?
2DEEP: Our sound in three words: Big Twerk House

D&R: What three songs you guys have been into lately?
2DEEPApe Drums – World Boss, DJ SNAKE – Turn Down for What, & Funkin Matt – Hawok 

D&R: Who do you have in mind when you Dj and produce?
Ultra: When DJ'ing, I usually just want to bring that party vibe into the mix, and just have the place booty poppin! Very heavy into the hip hop mash ups and stuff like that. We usually only play little venues with like 150-200 people tops so I don’t really like to get into that big house tunes with the huge builds and stuff. Usually just dj appropriately, does that make sense? And as far as production, PERSONALLY, I like to make what comes naturally and sometimes that can be really left field stuff, but for 2DEEP, Luis and I try to keep in mind of making music we can 1) Play at the club and 2) Play at bigger events like festivals and stuff so our 2DEEP releases usually don’t steer that far away from that mental.
Luis: When we DJ I just usually read the crowd before we go on so if they want like some Twerk/Hip Hop stuff we'll probably start off with that so we can get the girls dancing (haha) Usually just catering to the mami's. For production usually like Ultra said how would this track sound at a festival.

D&R: You have collaborated with a good amount of producers, how has the process been? Do you feel you have developed your sound with these collaborations?

2DEEP: Yeah, a lot of productions consist of collaborations with producers that attract us. For example, Ape Drums has a very heavy influence in dance hall and we love that sound, Corrupted Data has this big dutch sound that we’re very into, so when it comes to trying to express our ideas and lay it out, working with other producers that know how to bring our ideas into light is a huge plus for us and definitely helps develop our sound. One dude we work with a lot is our homie Jonny Chino, and we’re always bouncing ideas off of each other. Working with other creative minds that share the same interest in sounds is fun and that’s probably why we have so many collaborations with different people. The actual process of getting these songs done with other producers consist of literally just speaking about our ideas and it all works out. (Shout out to all the homies we’ve worked with!!)

D&R: You have received a lot of cosigns and your tracks have been played at festivals by some of the biggest names. How does it feel to have your tracks being heard by thousands of people?

Ultra: Honestly, it’s dope to see a video of our tune being played somewhere to thousands of people, and I like to check out how the crowd reacts. The worst part is when you’re at the actual event attending it with your friends and it happens, because then it gets all weird. Your homies are all cheering you on and then people are like why are these dudes going so HAM right now, and then you have that one homie that’s like “THESE GUYS MADE THIS TRACK” and then it’s just awkward for me. Luis loves it though because he’ll take any opportunity to pick up some groupie love. I personally am not into festival pussy, because I imagine it to just been sweaty all day and stuff hahah. UNLESS, its like backstage festival pussy, because its been in a more friendlier environment, then It’s all fair game.
Luis: Haha yup shout out to the groupie luv, That backstage festival pussy the best tbh.

D&R: You have played shows in California, Florida, and on the east coast. What party has been your favorite place to perform? Why?
Ultra: SHAKE N BASS. MECCA FOR ALL SUCIAS/SUCIOS/RATCHETS. Def the favorite place and the peeps that throw that party are so cool too! Then it’s Tallanasty with Team Jaguar and their crazy dance party!
Luis: Shout out Menace Beach man! That party was so nuts also Shake n bass. It's just a different crowd over there than LA their way more fun.
D&R: What is the current musical direction of 2 Deep? And what music projects are in the works right now?
Ultra: We’re working on compiling an EP for Muevelo so that’s one music project Luis and I are mainly focused on, but as far as our production goes, we’re wrapping up this 3 track EP called Festival Twerk.
Musical direction? I don’t really know
Luis: Yeah just finishing up our Festival Twerk EP and we have something with Corrupted Data coming! #Twerklordz

D&R: You post it often, but what exactly is Plurgatti Boyz ?
2DEEP: That’s us, we live it.

D&R: What are your thoughts on the current state of Moombahton?
Luis: I think it's still dope! You ever played moombahton at a party? Tell me everyone doesn't start dancing when you do.
Ultra:  If you’re really about that life, then you’ll dig and look for dope Moombahton. There’s still a lot of good Moombahton out there, its just that there isn’t a Moombah-Thong blog no more so everyone got lazy and decided to just say RIP. PHONIES!

D&R:What is your view on Twerk (bounce) music, Trap, and Miley Cyrus?
Ultra: I love all music and I feel the same way about it ALL. Hahaha Miley Cyrus could get it! #YUNGSUCIOSQUAD #FUCKWITHMEYOUKNOWIGOTIT
Luis: Loving the Twerk Bounce stuff! I'm a big hip hop head so I love it not really the EDM/Dubstep trap stuff though, It's a bit boring and I can't stand Miley Cyrus. (haha Ultra just a Yung Sucio)

D&R: What three Producers should we be listening to?
Luis: Everyone on our MUEVELO comps.

D&R: What is Muevelo? And who are the people involved with this movement?
2DEEP: Muevelo was the name we gave the party Luis and I started. I remembered I wanted to call the party MOOMBAH but I listened to a friend that was like “NAH MAN, AFROJACK HAS A SONG TITLED MOOMBAH” I shouldn’t have listened to dude. SMH We probably coulda made it BIG off that name and been on Telemundo or Univision or whatever =\ but yeah Muevelo was the name we chose, and pretty much we throw a monthly moombahton party. What does that mean? What is a moombahton party? IDK After the first year, we started compiling music from some of our favorite producers that would write back to us and share music with us, and BOOM. We released our first EP. We’ve done three different EPs all being very heavily influenced by moombahton and cumbia and dembow, because DUH. But for this new one we’re focusing on other sounds you can hear at Muevelo. Like house music or what we like to consider as Tropical Bass music. So that same flavor but at a faster tempo, nah mean?
So, Muevelo is just a party and you hear party music at our party. So Muevelo is party music.

D&R: Anything you want to tell your fans?
2DEEP: Thanks for all the support and feedback! <3 <3 #YUNGSUCIOLIFE