Friday, September 6, 2013

DJ Spotlight: DJ Rell

DJ Rell

Urban regional dance music has been dominating the electronic music world, and different scenes such as Trap, Juke, Bounce (Twerk), and Club are clearly the most authentic sounds to electronic culture and music. Jersey, Baltimore, and Philadelphia dominate the club music scene with variants depending on the east coast city you hail from. The success of artists such as DJ Sliink, Dj Sega, and many others has opened the flood gates and brought the attention of many to these scenes to see whats fresh. One standout is DJ Rell, a member of Brick Bandits and a Jersey Club producer. Collaborations with fellow Brick Bandits members, and a stockpile of club remixes makes DJ Rell; a fast rising producer in not only the club musice scene, but the bigger electronic dance music landscape. Constant releases has led to cosigns from many DJ's on radio and in mixes. This is understandable since DJ Rell infuses high energy in his mixes and the beat can just conjure up ideas of girls twerking and grinding to his remixes. So keep an eye out for DJ Rell, because he is one of a few club producers about to break through.

Here are our six favorite tracks from DJ Rell :