Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Joker Releases "Sega Drive" EP


Just, wow!  The new "Sega Drive" EP from the man himself, Joker, takes nostalgic 8-bit to a whole new level right here.  Released for free three days ago on his soundcloud page, the nine track extended play takes you deep into a world of retro psychedelia that only Joker could have pulled off.  From Sonic The  Hedgehog coin synths and awesome lo-fi drums to classic Sega sound bytes and samples, this is one release from Joker you can't miss out on.  The funk is in full force!

Track List
1.  (Stage 1) Green Brook Zone
2.  (Stage 2) Lava Lake
3.  (Stage 3) In The Bar
4.  (Stage 4) Emerald Ring
5.  (Stage 5) Island YM
6.  (Stage 6) Desert Labrynth
7.  (Stage 7) Pink Metropolis
8.  (Stage 8) Tokya District
9.  (Stage 9) Special Stage

Stream and download all the tracks below!