Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Flavors

Monday Flavor

The weekly installment of Monday Flavor continues to bring you the best in underground sounds. This week we get some alternative R&B sounds and some funky house. So enjoy this new flavor for your ears.

Anna Lunoe is quickly on the rise with her house music. Some of her tracks have just been on point and this latest one is no different. Lyrics that you catch yourself repeating and a groovy drum pattern. This is a must for your car radio and your DJ arsenal of music.

Jaw Jam makes this bouncey bootleg of Dru Hill and it is done well. A hint of a club beat and a smooth synth you would expect of chill music. This is a great tune with a popular classic. *Rush Hour nostalia*

Ok, so lets start by sounding like every other write and say this is the jam! The bass synth, percussions, and mixdown are all intelligently done. The track follows a smooth R&B chillwave style, then amplifies with a club style downbeat mixed with some Bmore. A little bit for everyone and this is an instant favorite. So make sure to grab your copy!

 The remix in my opinion is better then the original. Touurs from Philadelpha is on point. His music is all about the vibes and this remix delivers that message. Those east coast cats just on that beat grind.

Growing up my mother would always play Groove Theory on her cassettes. So its always a good feeling when i hear a remix from tracks that were bumping in my childhood. This remix gives a modern facelift to the original with some creamy and bouncy synths. The added percussions and funky bassline make this track. The remix keeps the inteegrity of the original with just a beautiful update. A mandatory track for the DJ arsenal and for your Itunes. So catch the download now!

Mixtape of the week: