Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Robo-Psycho Entertainment Presents: ZOMBIE PROM V2.0

Robo-Psycho Entertainment 

       This is the second big event ran by Ridgecrest's very own Robo-Psycho Entertainment, also known as RPE. Not many people know of RPE, but with artist like Astral Angst , Boarsley, Convo, and DJ PaniiQ they will soon be known across the west coast. Robo-Psycho Entertainment now invites you to a bloody rotting flesh extravaganza! Zombie Prom v2.0

For more Event Info click [HERE]

       This event will be held at the Historic USO Building in Ridgecrest CA, from 8pm to 2am. You will be blasted by the sounds of some of southern California's newest upcoming dj's and producers such as:
Astral Angst 

Dj PaniiQ

Tomas Marc
Plus many more!!!!

 I had a chance to sit down with head of RPE, Adrian Lemon aka Dj PaniiQ and ask him  a few questions about his events and music, here is what he had to say:

How did it all start?
We began as a group of friends who shared a passion for all facets of Electronic Music and decided to throw a house party for my wife's birthday. It was a local success & we kind of just rolled with it, haha.

What are you future plans for RPE?
I'd really like to branch out to the rest of Southern California. I mean, we have a talented group of gentlemen out here. The world deserves to know about them & hear what they're doing.

It kinda sucks living in a small town with an even smaller scene. The people who do attend are our absolute die-hard fans & the people who don't, just don't understand it.

It's all grade A gravy though, as I see us teaming up with some production companies in the near future. L.A. here we come, hope you're ready.