Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Elsewhere LP by Insightful

How often do we stumble across an album that truly takes us "Elsewhere?" With advancements of technology, knowledge, and the willingness of artists to create works of art that can transport the minds of listeners such as myself elsewhere, it happens a lot more often than a cynical person would expect. Most of my days are spent looking for new works of art to absorb into my consciousness, but not every day i can find an album that is as beautiful and full of emotion as this release. Elsewhere is a 12-track LP that Insightful was gracious enough to put up as a name-your-own-price option on bandcamp. If you enjoy the flavors of melodic downtempo beats this album is one you must not pass up.
                Elsewhere for fans of Flume, xxyyxx, & Shlohmo