Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Aaliyah - Are you that somebody (FRVNCH CNNXT Remix)

A fresh take on Aaliyah's classic tune "Are you that somebody" with elements of synths, intricate drum patterns, and a downtempo melodic vibe that surges throughout the song, providing a chilling affect on the vocals by Aaliyah and Timbaland.

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Music Round Up

So it has been a minute since i posted some music on any of the sites i right for, let alone my own website. So to make up for the lack of posts, i will hit you with tons of music at once. The format will be done in a playlist style by loosely organized genres such as Bass, House/ Disco, and Hip Hop. So make sure to get your dose. 


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Seer, The Healer, The Warrior by Focus Confucius, Ganjre The Giant, Tha Soloist (Prod. By Vint Mentalz)

Peep this new joint from these fire underground cats.


Info off Soundcloud page:

"The Seer The Healer The Warrior"

1st Verse (Focus as The Warrior)
2nd Verse (Ganjre as The Seer)
3rd Verse (Soloist as The Healer)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Freshly Baked.Vol.2.

What's up y'all? 88eyez here again with Vol 2 of The Freshly Baked series. Enjoy.

SoundCloud remix king Je$u$ coming thru with a remix of this Children of the Corn classic.  

German gold sun two dropping new gems on this little beattape.

FloFilz dropped the fucking remix of the year. Completely breathes new life into the original. A+

Baby making music.

Not necessarily hip-hop but solid house-y output from New Jersey producer Flamingosis.

Further German gold. Dope short tape.

So chill. Instrumentals for a good cause too. Peep their bandcamp.

Belgium remix dopeness.




Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Too Lush: Vol. I

Too Lush just jumped on the scene and already making splashes. The Compilation features Future Bass, R&B club, Chill house, and many styles that can only be understood as Hip Hop influenced. The EP is well organized and done and would make a great collection for all the Hip Hop heads getting into the underground electronic scene or even the electronic underground crowd.
Notable Standouts: Real Slow - Lemonade, Stvy Rvre - Luv Fvcess,Knite Watch - We meet Again, & Mack Blagik - Woodgrain


Shifty Rhythms: Vol. II

Shifty Rhythms have released their follow up compilation with even more tracks and new additions to the roster. There is a lot going on and at times feels overwhelming, but there are a few gems in the mix.

We even see appearances by Mad Decent's ETC!ETC! with a track titled "Payola" and its a fresh tune. A good showcase that ETC!ETC! still has that raw talent that got him so much praise.

 Hex Cougar delivers his signature style and Quinn Kyle as well recreates that signature Bass heavy vocals we have come to get down with.

A major standout is the Kiff remix and his relations with the Shifty Crew is something to note. Keep an eye out on Kiff, but also make note of his collaborations and possible exchange of influences with this team.

One of the my favorite tracks is the Phantogram -Fall in Love (Planet Rock Remixes) This is hipster girl banger that is a well organized remix that doesnt diminish from the original, but adds a dancier vibe. Great Compilation


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Freshly Baked.Vol.1.

What's up everyone? My name is 88eyez. Find me on Soundcloud.com/88eyez. Me and the homie FRNCH CNNXT go way back. I have always followed the blog [Dance & Romance] and attended past events. He asked me if I was interested writing for the blog, supposedly specializing in Hip-Hop, so here I am. Just gonna share some recent bangers I've come across.

Check them out:
I'm fresh to flofilz but I've been following wun two for a minute. Boom bap drums, key layers and horns ending in a hypnotic outro. Smoke some to this.

LA in the house! Another dope artist I really follow every step.

Smooth flows, dope piano/horn chops, & fat snares. Ill.

Belgium gold. Jazzy dreamy shit.

The cat in the hat is back. Ritualistic epic vocal layers, big bass, guitars, percussion & more. Solid.

Straight boom bap banger. Snare and kick for days. Sliding bass lines. Strings crying. And the fucking piano. Smoke some to this too. Pure gold.

All 3 go in here. Lo fi drums & piano chops. Broke/ has easily become my fav local ug mc/producer. Another to really watch.





Nardwuar Vs. Dillon Francis [Video]

Nardwuar is probably one of the greatest interviewers in the game right now, and its always an interesting day to stumble upon a new interview by nardwuar on the internet. This time around Nardwuar has conducted an interview with Diplo's protegé, Dillon Francis. We also have shared the videos of Mad Decent's own Rapper Riff Raff, and the head honcho Diplo as well. Nardwuar is a Canadian and usually conducts his interviews in Vancouver or in Canada. It's worth noting that Paul Devro, The man behind Mad Decent and Jeffrees is also a Canadian from the Vancouver area as well. Maybe he has held a hand in setting up these wonderful interviews, but we hope that Nardwuar interviews Devro real soon. So check out the videos and learn the stories behind Mad Decent artists today!

Discover & Download: Lord Pidjeon

If you looked up high in the sky and really really looked, you might have just caught a glimpse or have been shit on by Lord Pidjeon. Hailing from Cerritos, California, this dude has a real good sense and feel for the baile and hood vibes. He brings together the perfect fusion of Baile Funk's vocals, and percs, with those deep bassy 808 trap kicks and trill high hats. Pidjeon has a track with the PolyPlayground Ipad app wizard, Mike Gao himself, that will destroy any dance floor or speakers you own. I personally love playing out their track "Clangadashian" due to it's really heavy bass, and rhythmic percussions that just want to make you move or grind up against a bitch until you get rug burn, if you catch my drift. Now don't start with "Oh Major Lazer does stuff like this right?" No, this is nothing like Major Lazer or much like anything that is out now. Don't twist my words either, I'm not saying he's a pioneer of the sound or remotely one of the biggest names, but damn does he know how to work it better than most . I personally told him that he was one of my favorite upcoming producers back when I caught up with Lord Pidjeon and the dude couldn't be anymore humbling than he was and replied really nicely and without a rush. That sounded really soft from me but there's a huge difference when producers actually takes the time to reply with more than a "yes, that one..." or some weak shit like that. This is what he had to say when I had a one on one chat with him through Messenger. Check it out.

Broke Biird: Thanks for taking the time out of your day for this little interview. Where are you from dude?
Pidjeon: I was born in Long Beach, CA. I moved around a bit but mostly grew up in Cerritos. Born and raised in Cali and been rippin it in the palm trees and shit nahmsaying.

Broke Biird: So what made you want to start beat making and when did it start for you?

Pidjeon: I would say I wanted to make beats around when I was in high school. I've always been interested in music in some way, but I started skateboarding and the people and shit I was around made me want to start chopping samples and making hip hop.

Broke Biird: So how did "Lord Pidjeon" come to be your name?

Pidjeon: Well really the name is just Pidjeon. That came when rave culture made a big "comeback" in Cali, like the fucked up rave culture, and one day I went to a rave with some homies. I had never been to a rave and didn't know that people used nicknames. People were introducing themselves like, "Hi, I'm cookie monster" or "Hi, I'm bite size" or some shit. I didnt have a name so I had to think of one real quick and I figured I'd name myself after the most average, unremarkable thing I could think of, and at that time it was a pigeon. So I was like wsup my name is pigeon, I was just getting into Dubstep and EDM around that time so I was like it would be dope if I used my rave name, so I just used that. It's spelled Pijdeon cuz you know how niggas like to spell shit wrong. I don't know how the lord got there: I think I was getting stoned with Mike Gao and he suggested it, and I thought it would be funny and then I liked it. Actually it's cuz I'm the fuckn Lord woo.

Broke Biird: How would you describe your sound, see if you can do it in three words?

Pidjeon: That's not an easy question to answer...I don't really feel as though my "sound" is something describable with words. As far as the stuff I've been putting out to the public, its the sound I use to shout to the world that I'm DTF, so to speak. Culo Wave Bass or Hip Hop lol

Broke Biird: So besides Broke Biird, who are a few of your favorite producers at the moment?

Pidjeon: I'm feeling Basenji, FlyLo, Marginal Men,....there's so many names man. I don't know it's like trying to think of what weed I'm liking most right now; too many names.
Broke Biird is sick tho. I was playing some Broke Biird tracks and my dad was feeling it big time, haha.

Broke Biird: Are there any future collabs that we can know about?

Pidjeon: I'm working on some stuff with a few people. I won't drop names, but you can expect collab releases on All Mine LA, here in Cali, Doggtown Records in Amsterdam, OH! and Alpha Pup.

Broke Biird: You catch yourself busy in production and check the time and it reads "4:20pm" what's your next move?

Pidjeon: If I'm in the middle of producing a track, I wait til' I'm done working to smoke again, so I'll just giggle about the time and keep working.

Broke Biird: What if your favorite production that you've worked on?

Pidjeon: I like them all, every work has a vibe of it's own. I guess I like the ones with Alice cuz there's actual vocals, ha.

Broke Biird: Where do you get the inspiration for your tracks from?

Pidjeon: I've always liked raw beats and raw vibes. Alice was actually the one who introduced me to Baile Funk. She showed me some songs from Rio and I was hooked, it felt so perfect to me.

Broke Biird: So you aren't of any Hispanic or Latino descent?

Pidjeon: Nope, bloodline from Africa. I def get a fair amount of influence from lving in SoCal......Latin women

Broke Biird: So enough about production, tell us a little about yourself. What would you say is your favorite food?

Pidjeon: Ice cream & Pussy. If I have to choose one; ice cream.......just put ice cream........Actually...ice cream and sushi....and pussy.

Broke Biird: Do you have any pets, and do they DJ?

Pidjeon: I have two dogs and they do everything I do ten times better.

Broke Biird: Yo my dog chills and blazes more than I do, I feel you on dogs being better than us at stuff.

Pidjeon: Word

Broke Biird: What is Lord Pidjeon's favorite game of all time?

Pidjeon: Tie between Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, and The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Broke Biird: What producers do you personally feel that the world should be looking out for?

Pidjeon: Whipped Cream, and Rio Mandeira are the ones that come to mind and me of course ;)

Broke Biird: Well thanks a lot for your time bro, it was a pleasure being able to have this chat and I personally cannot wait for more of your releases.

Pidjeon: Sweet! The pleasure was mine. Thanks for the love!
Broke Biird

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Bipolar Sunshine- Future (Part 1) Ft. Goldlink

This track is nothing shy of perfect for those warm, breezy, summer nights that we all spend cruisin' beach side or just on the highway. Bipolar Sunshine's vocals are so soothing and complimenting to this track, and with Goldlink's bars, makes this track one among my personal top 20 of 2014. Say Daft Punk and Disclosure had a black baby that had swag and amazing vocals, that's what "Future (Part 1)" is, exactly that. Nice down-tempo house beat that just makes you want more and more of this song.

Penthouse Penthouse- Besides EP

So the new Penthouse Besides EP is out now and there's really no reason as to why you shouldn't give this a listen. LA based producers and heads of the multi-talented collective Team Supreme have blessed us all with their new EP "Besides". This EP contains tracks that make you want to make a baby, to beats that make you want to turn up and lay some bars down. You're sadly mistaken if you think these dudes use samples, they sure as hell know how to play the funky bass and lay down some amazing guitar riffs. Don't underestimate the baby making music, they know how to get loud and buck wild with their hip hop and trap beats as well. All I can really say is that if you haven't heard of Penthouse Penthouse, you've been missing out and should listen to their wide range in genres. Go and pick up this EP and I'm sure it will be on repeat for a while.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Stroll Down Memory Lane

Do you like donuts? Cause I sure as hell do. We all had our Dilla phase in our pasts and probably still do listen to Dilla to this day. May his soul rest in peace. Now this isn't a remix, but Braeden Bailey uses one of Dilla's most infamous samples from the classic "Won't Do" which gives this track such a chill and relaxing vibe that will most likely make you replay this beat over and over again. Braeden brings in his own sound with his melodic keys and other elements of this beat. 19 year old Braeden who has been making a rise in the underground hip-hop/bass/and some trap scene with being a part of the collectives Top Cats and Zen Supremacy, surely delivers gold with this. I highly recommend checking out his soundcloud, you will not be let down one bit. He's even had a track of his reposted by the one and only Mr. Carmack who doesn't just repost anything or have bad taste. Here are some other beats with Dilla samples and re-imaginations of his beats

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dance & Romance: Top 5 tracks

1. The Techno vibes in this track are reminiscent of a Detroit warehouse party. Deep and a bit dark.
2. A bit more aggressive Deep house tune with elements of Techno feel.
3. The track is modestly labeled as an edit, but it's a remix of a classic tune in American history. Dance vibes and groovy kicks make this a must for the disco house fan.
4. Some chillhouse vibes for you. This mixture of beautiful vocals by Shay Lia, and amazing beat by Kaytranada make this track a must for those relaxing moments in life by the pool or on the couch.
5. This track contains nu disco elements with an R&B vocal structure and melody thats amazing. cop it!
Bonus Mix: Smooth journey of house music via this amazing Treasure Fingers mix.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Dance & Romance: Top 10 tracks

We decided to give you a roundup of our current favorite tunes. So check them out and enjoy!

AGLORY brings the bass hard and heavy with this remix of 'This is why im hot' by Die Antwoord. Tons of aggressive musical elements in this remix.

Stooki Sound releases his latest tune 'Shut Up?' and brings a fun and fresh element to this trap classic. loving the complex basslines and percussion in this track.

DJ Sliink promised new music and he delivers with this collaboration that includes TWRK and Green Lantern. The track jumps from Trap rhythms to the Sliink signature Jersey club and makes this a great transition tune for DJ's needing to switch from Jersey Club or Trap.

Goodnight Cody delivers with this remix that has chillwave elements and has an amazing change up that makes this song so solid with great use of the original vocals.

Rook Milo has released a few new tracks that feature his signature style. A fresh remix of Future's 'I Won' is just what we needed and use of synths are elegantly placed to make this tune very hood regal.

Chillin Remix by Jaw Jam delivers everything we enjoy by Jaw Jam. Complex sampling, unique percussions and Interesting synth usage make this a mellow track you want.

Duke Dumont just released this amazing dub version of 'Won't Look Back' and it's such a classic tune that we all need in our music libraries. 90's style vocals and amazing beat percussions all through the track.

Astral Angst from Dance & Romance clearly is in for the kill and means it with this heavy bass remix.

Garage House music is the ancestor to dubstep and we see the bridge with 'Devil Rhythm' by Doctor Jeep. Groovy bassline and addictive vocal hooks keep this song stuck in your head.

September has started early for us with this Earth, Wind, & Fire remix by Fugitives. A bouncing bassline, classic house percussions, and beautiful melodic synths make this a must download.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Planet Rock 

 STVY RVRE is a fairly new artist make moves in the smooth RnB club sound that has been making splashes in the underground music scene currently. The track has all the elements of a club tune. There's a 90's RnB sample, club percussions, and bass.

Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Planet Rock - Aerospace

Planet Rock
Planet Rock just came back from winning Discovery Project EDC, and already has another release on Shifty Rhythms. The EP is titled "Aerospace" and features two amazing wavy trap tunes. Wavy synths and trap percussions keep this track funky, and make it a futuristic bass EP.

Planet Rock:
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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Valentino Khan X Danceism Interview

Valentino Khan is making huge splashes in the music world. Making some instant Bangers, to producing for some of the biggest names in Hip Hop. 2012 will become one of the biggest years for Valentino Khan. So let’s get to know our favorite producer!
Danceism: What’s your name and where are you from?
Valentino Khan: My name’s Valentino Khan. Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA.
Danceism: Describe your music in three words?
Valentino Khan: Versatile, epic, handsome.
Danceism: You recently created a Moombahton song titled “Kingstone,” what was the inspiration for the song?

Valentino Khan: I made the track many months ago actually. At the time I hadn’t heard Jamaican influence infused into a moombahton song, so I chopped up vocals from an old dancehall record and layered it with big drums and Dutch-y synths. I wanted everything in the track to sound dirty – almost like a bootleg. It was supposed to be bundled with “Rukus” for its Mad Decent release, but sampling issues prevented that from happening. So I put it out for free.
Since I held onto it for so long, I think a bunch of people beat me to the punch of making some Jamaican moombahton. Regardless, I think the response has been positive and some of my favorite DJ’s have shown support for the song.
Danceism: Moombahton has been gaining momentum at an exponential rate, do you see it going mainstream or staying a niche within the EDM scene?
Valentino Khan: I think it’s definitely got strong potential to go mainstream, but you never know. One of the reasons I produce every sub-genre of EDM is because the scene can be so fickle with what everyone likes. If you stick to a particular formula, your whole style might go extinct one day. Moombahton has definitely made its way into the mainstream with a few songs, but there’s a couple hurdles it has to overcome in my opinion.
First, it’s got to continue to get support from big-name DJ’s and it will be exposed to a wider audience. It’s cool to see guys like Skrillex, Diplo and Laidback Luke show support to such an emerging genre and even incorporate it into their sets to a degree. That’s a significant part of the push it needs to receive. It’s about getting endorsements from guys that are playing big festivals.
The other large part of it is getting guys to produce and release quality over quantity. From what I’ve experienced, unless you’re trading tracks with your DJ friends, the genre is driven by what’s on Soundcloud. It’s both a blessing and a curse. You can find a bunch of “diamond in the rough” tracks there because anyone can upload anything – it doesn’t matter if you have a name or not. At the same time, that fact that anyone can share their tracks makes it tough to sift through the people who don’t necessarily view their music as anything other than a hobby. More blogs need to start regularly covering moombahton and be selective in what they post. It also helps when established producers make songs and up and comers create tracks that are properly mixed and with a crisp, mass-appeal sound. In my mind that’s where it stands as a genre right now.
Danceism: You were involved in a DJ/Producer duo called Market Price. Is it on hold or it has come to an end?
Valentino Khan: It’s been over for a couple months now. I keep my business behind closed doors, so I won’t go into detail. When we first formed the project, it was a great idea and we’d effectively combine our respective crafts. I’d create & produce all of the music and my partner would do all of the DJ-ing on stage. Unfortunately, we just had a different vision of the future and parted ways.
Danceism: A month after “Watch The Throne” came out; You remixed the whole album (Mark the Throne); How were you able to produce it so fast?
Valentino Khan: I was just determined. When I came up with the idea to remix the whole album, I knew it would probably be the most ambitious thing I’d done musically to date. However, I also knew I’d that if I didn’t accept the challenge and do it, I’d truly regret it. So I basically chained myself to the computer for a few weeks. I think I put a lot of pressure on myself because I knew there might be a wild chance that someone else would beat me to the idea.
It also helped that the original album meshed with my own outlook on my music. Overall, every song sounded different apart from the fact that Jay-Z and Kanye are on all of them. Although I didn’t always stick to the original tempo, there was a wide range of BPM’s on Watch The Throne. That kept things fresh for me and the album’s spontaneity played into how I want my body of work to sound.
Danceism: Were there any rituals to keep the creativity flowing for producing “Mark The Throne?”

Valentino Khan: None in particular. Like I said before, just staying focused. I also couldn’t let myself feel satisfied after I finished one remix because I knew I had several more remaining. So I tried as best as I could to not re-listen to any of the songs until the album was completed. I wasn’t able to fully appreciate all the work until a couple days after I wrapped up.
There were a couple tracks where I put off until the end because I didn’t have any immediate idea on what the remix should sound like. “Welcome To The Jungle” comes to mind. I basically made that one last but it ended up being one of my personal favorites. The great thing about EDM is you can be as creative as you want and you’re able to freely manipulate sounds to a certain extent. On the other hand, when I’m producing hip hop I’ve always got to leave a lot more room on the instrumental for a vocalist.
Danceism: You produced a song for T.I. how did this project come about?
Valentino Khan: I’d been in contact with his label for a while now and sending music over to them with him in mind. However, Tip was incarcerated so I didn’t get a ton of response until he got out and started recording again. I’m happy to end up on the final product and be on an album alongside some other producers I really respect, including Just Blaze & Dr. Dre.
Danceism: How was it producing a hip-hop style track?
Valentino Khan: I’ve been making hip hop since I was a teenager, so it wasn’t anything different for me. I actually didn’t really get into EDM until around 2007 when Justice and Boys Noize came out with their big albums. It hasn’t even been a year since I started releasing EDM tracks, so I’m really happy with the response I’ve gotten. Producing both hip hop and EDM balances me out creatively. If I’m feeling bored or uninspired with one of those two, I can jump into the other.
Danceism: Your coming out with a track with Will Bailey. How was the collaboration process?
Valentino Khan: Simply put, Will’s my dude. We actually met through Soundcloud and shared some music with each other. He was coming to LA for a little while and we wanted to make a big moombahton track. I only had spoken to him over brief e-mails prior to meeting him, so I didn’t know what to expect. Thankfully, he couldn’t have been a nicer dude and a great friend. He’s also got a great work ethic and that’s something I really respect. During the downtime of our collaboration, he’d be working on his own tracks on his laptop.
We had such a good time making “Rukus” that we collaborated again a couple weeks later on the “Love Harder” remix, which will be coming out on Dim Mak this year.
Danceism: “Rukus” is coming out through Mad Decent. How has it been having one of the big heavy weights in dance music showing you mad support?
Valentino Khan: It’s definitely great to have that big push behind your music. Everyone at Mad Decent has been super cool and great to work with while making this happen.
They’re a label that likes to take risks and put out new sounds that the masses haven’t heard before. I think that ties in with their support of moombahton while being one of the bigger labels.
Release date is February 2nd, ladies & gents.
Danceism: What artists you want to collaborate with next?
Valentino Khan: It’s funny, because I’m generally not a collaborative person when it comes to making music. I’ve made all my solo tracks in complete solitude.
However, when it comes to EDM specifically, I love the idea of working with other producers and making music that people can get excited about. I think part of it has to do with the fact that everyone I’ve met in this scene so far has been down to earth and laid back. To me there has to be at least a mutual respect of the other guy’s talents when collaborating. All in all, there’s too many to pick, so I’ll just name some big names – Wolfgang Gartner, Skrillex & Dillon Francis. Doing a song with Boys Noize is something I’d really love because he’s always thinking outside the box. I didn’t exactly name any unknowns there, did I?
Danceism: Any artists you want us to check out?
Valentino Khan: ETC!ETC! is making heat right now. I’ve been fortunate enough to hear some of his unreleased music and I think it’s his best work to date.
Also, peep Bro Safari. His track “Da Worm” came out through Mad Decent and it’s a classic moombahton song in my opinion. He’s got such a big sound behind all of his releases. I like the fact that his music doesn’t roll with one certain format.
I’m probably forgetting a bunch of people, but these two popped in my head because while they produce big room moombahton, they also branch out from there and show their talents in other sub-genres too.
Danceism: For all the fans out there, what would you like to tell them?
Valentino Khan: The best part about EDM is it’s driven by the internet and you’re able to instantly connect with people that enjoy your music. It’s perhaps the purest genre in all of music right now because there’s constantly that direct connection between artist and listener. So regardless of any success I achieve in the future, at the end of the day it’s a result of the support I receive.
I’d like to give everyone my thanks for backing my music – I appreciate all of it. I hope my songs get you responsibly drunk and dancing your ass off.
As I said before, Rukus comes out February 2nd on Mad Decent and stay tuned for that Dim Mak remix release too. I’ve also got a bunch of other projects under wraps right now, so stay tuned! I’m stoked for everyone to hear them.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Planet Rock - Peach Trees

Planet Rock has come back from their adventures at EDC and have decided that it's time for some new tunes. Their latest track features big room festival synths and trap percussions. The track features a vocal sample from Nicki Minaj and is well down with the track. Peach Tree is a festival banger made for the turn up.

Planet Rock:


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

La Roux - In for the Kill (Astral Angst Remix)

Astral Angst had promised us a steady stream of music and has delivered. I am most impressed with this latest tune. Astral Angst follows up his second tune "There's only you" with a bass driven remix of La Roux's "In For the Kill" and brings out a whole new deep and dark side to the original by complimenting the tune with fresh bass lines, percussions, and limited vocal manipulation. Astral Angst is quickly blazing a space in the Bass House community alongside artists like AC Slater and Curses.

Here is his previous tune as well:

Astral Angst:


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Artist Spotlight: Fortune

Fortune is the co-founder of Flow-Fi and leader of the movement his collective has been pushing. Some amazing tunes have been released by Fortune. Fortune's ability to create intricate drums, percussions, and soulful sampling on his tracks makes him a unique music gem to the scene. Many classy gems can be found all on his soundcloud page. Here are some of our favorite pics.


Artist Spotlight: STVY RVRE

STVY RVRE is a musical project shrouded in mystery. The musical style focuses on elements of Jersey Club and R&B. It's undeniably good and sensual music that you can dance to at the club or even alone with your lady friend. Looking forward to future releases and to see what STVY RVRE is cooking up for us all. 


Group VI - It's Not Right

Group VI drops a gem with this Bouncey House track that has elements of Deep and Bass house. A very uplifting tune, and nicely done facelift to a classic tune.


Hex Cougar - Internet Crush

Hex Cougar's latest release titled "Internet Crush" features element's of Future bass, mellow downtempo vibes, but then brings you back with some Jersey Club style elements. It's a track that can be played over again and again.


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Last Dance ft. Berry White & Astral Angst


 Our friends at Dance & Romance will be celebrating their two year birthday and have a fun night in store for their monthly electronic event Last Dance in Northridge, Ca at the D Lounge. Astral Angst, an upcoming producer and DJ will be taking over the decks. Then we have Berry White, the house music project of Jonny Chino, who you may know from his Moombahton tunes. [Click Here] for event Info.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Drop

This first track is a deep remix of an old school R&B classic and it gives new life to this track with bouncey bass, clean sampling, and a smooth bass-line make this track a must download.
Not the typical Bass tunes we usually hear from Zeds Dead, but still a wonderful track with some interesting synths midway into the tune.
A very deep and bass heavy tune with complimentary percussions and a smooth bassline that hypnotizes you.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Lido - Money

Lido has released another mega track and its an amazing tune called money. Featuring vocals proclaiming the need for money, and intricate bass kicks that keep it fresh with every progression. This is a must download track!


Saint - Like a Hoe + Gijibae VIP

We recently spoke to Saint in an interview titled "Artist Spotlight" and he had revealed to us some information about future releases such as "Cordoba". Now Saint is at it again with a new track called "Like a Hoe" and a VIP remix of "Gijibae" and there seems to be no stop to Saint's growing impact in the underground electronic world. 

This track has so much bass and is another twerk anthem that is making splashes in the music world. The beat is really massive and does magic with the use of a Fergie sample. 
The beat was a big tune, but now is more booty friendly. So much hype that the track properly increases the level of excitement with every build up and you might even recognize a chord progression used in a Lil' Jon song.


Friday, May 2, 2014

MonoFeed Live at Somewhere Loud San Diego

So many shows, and so little time. However, when you do make the time to see a show, you want it to be good. Damn good. That's why I decided to head down to San Diego to catch MonoFeed and Heroes x Villains at Somewhere Loud, which is produced by Havoc SD.

MonoFeed consists of Connor Crowe and Haream Hyun, two SoCal dudes that bring plenty of energy to their shows. They're a staple at the Yost in Santa Ana, as they run the promo team White Rabbit Group, who runs both Havoc OC and Havoc SD. You might have also seen them at Exchange LA or on the main stage at Avalon. Their crazy bass and electro sound is fueled by their desire to make sure you're having a good time on the dance floor. A good time was had, to say the least. Their set had perfect transitions and just the right amount of build ups and drops. I personally am not a fan of too many build ups, and am quite fond of consistent BPMs that allows people to dance without stopping and waiting for the drop.
MonoFeed has such a loyal following and fan base, by the look of the crowd from that night, you would have thought you were at a Dillon Francis show or something. These guys should definitely be on your radar, as they are steadily gaining momentum and should soon be a force to reckon with. Opening for ATL trap gods Heroes x Villains definitely helps their case.

Take a listen to the live set from Somewhere Loud below, and check out the awesome recap video. Luckily the camera didn't catch me twerking on the walls. :)

Watch for the craziness at 0:38

via MonoFeed's SoundCloud and YouTube

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Prince Club - What is House?

Prince Club

So Prince Club is at it again with another amazing track titled "What is House?" and its a very playful and enlightening track. The synth emerges as a bouncy and playful tune, and features sample discussing what is house music. A classic 4 to the floor beat, and smooth bassline synth make this a classic house track for the arsenal. This track almost didn't come out either. Glad Prince Club decided to release it.
Prince Club:

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Last Dance [Free Event]

Dance & Romance Presents:

Last Dance

It's Spring and love is in the air. This is your last chance for romance. So let's dance the Last Dance!
► 9pm-2am
► 21+
► Drink Specials all night!
► Bottle Service available
► Secret Guest
► Planet Rock (Shifty Rhythms)
► Calcat (Cream)
► Optimus Grime (Dance & Romance)

House | Disco | Bass | Moombahton |R&B | Trap | Club | & who knows?

Here are some tracks to check out:

Artist Spotlight: Saint

Saint has been making lots of noise in the last year with big tunes, twerk anthems, and just changing the game with original and innovative music that follows no formula. Saint carries a very mysterious aesthetic that forces you to wonder and focus solely on the music. We were able to catch up with Saint and ask a few questions. So lets see what the Bass Shaman Saint has to say.

What is your name, favorite food, and what city you from?
My name is Virgil. I’m based in Los Angeles, and my food of choice is water.
Describe your sound in three words?
Hip-hop. Club. Aggressive.
What three songs you have been into lately?
‘2 On’ by Tinashe, ‘Run These Streets’ by K. Michelle, and ‘Melba’s Call’ by Bok Bok and Kelela. That and everything DJ Mustard and Young Thug are putting out- I know you said only three though. And Nicki Minaj too, sorry.

What audience do you have in mind when you DJ and produce?
I never really had an audience in mind, I kind of just go for stuff I like and would want to hear when out.
You have collaborated with a good amount of artists, how has the process been? Do you feel you have developed your sound with these collaborations?
It’s always fun. I try to bring them into my sonic world and find some type of middle ground. Some people I work with i’ll bang it out (G-Buck, Jesse Slayer), and others i’ll really dive and make something deep and more art based (AGLORY). You pick up something from everyone, really.

You have received a lot of cosigns, and your tracks have been played at festivals by some of the biggest names. How does it feel to have your tracks being heard by thousands of people?
It doesn’t feel real some times. I’ve been in crowds when Major Lazer has played me, and seeing something you made in basically isolation do that to people is insane. Then there’s stuff like DJ Shadow, who is someone I listened to and admired growing up, doing scratch routines to my track with G-Buck that is, like, unbelievable. Hearing yourself on the radio too, out driving, is something i’ll never get used to. It’s really hard to wrap your head around the fact that your music is reaching that many people. Even looking at Soundcloud plays and trying to wrap your head around each number being a actual person sitting somewhere in the world, listening to you… it’s a blessing. And crazy as fuck.
You are working with Aglory on a new track, how has the process been? the track called Cordoba?
Yes, Cordoba. It originally started as a rap beat I was doing just for fun- which is what I do when I get irritated with club/dance music. I posted a video on Facebook of it just cause, and Anthony (1/2 of AGLORY) immediately messaged me asking what it was. I explained it was just me having fun, and he insisted we make it a full track. We went back and forth a few times, and the end result was an R&B sequel to our last EP.
Is it true you have a crush on Angelina Jolie and when did it start?
Not a crush at all- she’s my hero, my life inspiration. I don’t even know in all honesty, I feel like i’ve always admired and looked up to her even when I was a child. She’s poised, intelligent, worldly, but still maintains this amazing aura of cool and edgy. There absolutely no one like her. I want to be her, honestly. One day i’ll be that poppin’… hopefully.
How did the Gijibae collab come about with G Buck?
We had just did Mata Hari and really enjoyed the process. We actually sought out to make another club track- Gijibae was originally 145 BPM instead of 100. It had an entirely different lead instrument as well. We slowed it down to twerk-BPM. The song was finished but we happened on another track that had a synth like the one we were using. I wasn’t having it, so we scrapped it. I came up with the bells, we revamped the track, and that’s basically it. I think G-Buck has actually played the original out once or twice, and people were just like, wait what the hell?

You have released Twerk, moombahton, and trap style songs. What has been the most fun to produce?
Twerk, easily. Rap and hip-hop beats come the easiest to me- making dance music can get very tedious. With rap you can just go right into things- club music you have to build the tension.  There are rules. It’s so nerdy. When the whole twerk thing came about it was literally perfect. It caters to both sides of my musical interests. I’m obsessed with rap in general, but the fact that twerk is so heavily based in NOLA bounce music, Bay hyphy, and Atlanta snap music made it a given for me. I have the most fun making it, hands down.
What is War House?
War House is an offshoot of Baltimore/Jersey/Philly club music I created that follows the typical house/big room structure, only with club type vocals/kicks/leads. I don’t really make it anymore, though.

You have produced a bunch of tracks for Chapman, an upcoming rapper.
Chapman is a really good friend of mine, one of my best friends. I originally just did one track for his debut EP. He ended up flying to LA for a string of shows early January. We hung out a lot during that time and ended up working really well together. There’s definitely a lot more music coming with him.
Any future releases planned?
Many. My main focus is a full-length rap album, IMMACULATE. It’s my take on The Neptunes Clones and Timbaland’s Shock Value. Th entire thing was produced by me, and features a lot of friends and amazing vocal talent from all over the country. I have an EP coming out with Stezus Christ for our new collective NO. I have tracks with G-Buck, AGLORY, Fei-Fei, and tons of others that’ll be dropping soon. There’s also a few official remixes for both vocal artists and other dj/producers I have coming out. I got an EP of all club/twerk music too, which is untitled right now. Really excited for that one though. There’s two tracks, Naomi Campbell and Zoloft, that are really fun and probably some of my favorite things i’ve ever done. And then there’s beats for a bunch of really amazing rappers.
Have you ever thought of including face veils as part of your merchandise?
Never. The veil is more so commentary on the modern artist in the social media era- not a way of keeping a secret identity. I think a lot of the magic is gone because artists share themselves so freely on the internet. You always know where they’re at, what they’re thinking, wearing, eating. Music, at least for me, has always been an escape, so I like to keep some air of intrigue around me.
What do you carry in your DJ Bag?
 Just my laptop, a selection of cables, and an Akai APC.
What three Producers should we be listening to?
Jesse Slayter, G-Buck, and Cratesz.
Anything you want to tell your fans?
Thank you for supporting me and listening! I’m working so hard to bring everyone the best, most fun stuff I can come up with. And i’m working extra hard to get out and play for you all. I see every message and i’m trying to get out to these places, just know that. I hope IMMACULATE is something you all enjoy. Keep it classy, drink a ton of water, and love yourself.