Thursday, January 30, 2014

Five tracks a Twerk Princess will love

Here are five tracks that are ratchet approved and are quite good songs to have in your playlist:
  1. Girls love to shake it like a salt shaker, and this reimagination of the track will sure to make a girl feel all nostalgic while shaking her ass.

  2. Every Rave Angel loves to jump and go wild to heavy beats and with this track. Jumping and trap hands are approved for this track.
  3. Twerk Angels usually feel the need to go to church after the sexual acts performed on the dancefloor. Perfect song for the sucias going buck wild.
4. If your a Sucia then you love build ups and that moment you can shake your ass and get wild when the drop hits. This is a perfect rallying call for all the sucias!
5. If you never were down for this track, then you never lived. Lookout weekend is the anthem to every twerk princess of the 90's. Here is a turnt up remix by the cool guy kennedy jones.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Artist Spotlight: Big Kid Xavier

Big Kid Xavier

Big Kid Xavier

Houston is getting a new voice in Electronic music through Xavier. Productions of Electro House, Bounce, and club. Cosigns by Fight CLVB and many others, you know this cat is gonna run the scene soon. Check out his EP "House is Died" and his latest remix. Guaranteed musts for your arsenal of tracks!

 This track reminds of the classic Electro House sound of  07-09' era (good times!)

 Instant getting girls ratchet track. Diplo would be proud!

The Original track went hard, but this goes hard and has a smooth style that makes it a super dope and fun remix.
Big Kid Xavier:
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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Kiefer Land -Strictly Moombah EP

Dance & Romance have officially released their debut EP with multitalented artist Kiefer Land. Previously known under productions names such as Wilson St. Mafia and Astral Angst. Making music ranging from Chill house to Moombahton, we can expect to see an array of productions with various genres by Kiefer Land. Strictly Moombah showcases Kiefer Lands love for Moombahton and his interest in the movement. With Strictly Moombah's release, you can expect upbeat and jumpy vocals, aggressive synths, and dembow rhythm. Currently available on Juno Download, Itunes, and Amazon mp3.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Quinn Kyle - The fallout EP

 Shifty Rhythms is one of the authentic collectives creating a thriving scene in Los Angeles. The releases and roster is just amazing and constant good music is pushed from this collective. The latest release is by their latest roster addition Quinn Kyle and his eclectic bass sound is featured in this release. A mixture of Future Bass, Trap, and Hip Hop. This is a solid release out now for free!
Quinn Kyle:
Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter