Sunday, February 16, 2014

Noname EP by 123Mrk

I truly love the internet and it's ability to find gems such as this release by 123Mrk. The title of this collection of artwork is the "noname" ep. i personally find the name to be extremely fitting, after binge listening to this release over the past few weeks and shifting from enjoyment to curiosity as i try to analyze the thoughts and passion that went into creating such beautiful aural stimulus. My conclusion is that i don't think you can define this release with any scribbles relayed though any known dialect. My personal favorite track from this release is a piece of art titled "Unrest." It has accompanied me on many of the journeys i make daily. I look forward to continuously experiencing all past, present, and future releases from this extremely talented individual.
for fans of Burial, Disclosure, Emoh Instead.