Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Discover & Download: Lord Pidjeon

If you looked up high in the sky and really really looked, you might have just caught a glimpse or have been shit on by Lord Pidjeon. Hailing from Cerritos, California, this dude has a real good sense and feel for the baile and hood vibes. He brings together the perfect fusion of Baile Funk's vocals, and percs, with those deep bassy 808 trap kicks and trill high hats. Pidjeon has a track with the PolyPlayground Ipad app wizard, Mike Gao himself, that will destroy any dance floor or speakers you own. I personally love playing out their track "Clangadashian" due to it's really heavy bass, and rhythmic percussions that just want to make you move or grind up against a bitch until you get rug burn, if you catch my drift. Now don't start with "Oh Major Lazer does stuff like this right?" No, this is nothing like Major Lazer or much like anything that is out now. Don't twist my words either, I'm not saying he's a pioneer of the sound or remotely one of the biggest names, but damn does he know how to work it better than most . I personally told him that he was one of my favorite upcoming producers back when I caught up with Lord Pidjeon and the dude couldn't be anymore humbling than he was and replied really nicely and without a rush. That sounded really soft from me but there's a huge difference when producers actually takes the time to reply with more than a "yes, that one..." or some weak shit like that. This is what he had to say when I had a one on one chat with him through Messenger. Check it out.

Broke Biird: Thanks for taking the time out of your day for this little interview. Where are you from dude?
Pidjeon: I was born in Long Beach, CA. I moved around a bit but mostly grew up in Cerritos. Born and raised in Cali and been rippin it in the palm trees and shit nahmsaying.

Broke Biird: So what made you want to start beat making and when did it start for you?

Pidjeon: I would say I wanted to make beats around when I was in high school. I've always been interested in music in some way, but I started skateboarding and the people and shit I was around made me want to start chopping samples and making hip hop.

Broke Biird: So how did "Lord Pidjeon" come to be your name?

Pidjeon: Well really the name is just Pidjeon. That came when rave culture made a big "comeback" in Cali, like the fucked up rave culture, and one day I went to a rave with some homies. I had never been to a rave and didn't know that people used nicknames. People were introducing themselves like, "Hi, I'm cookie monster" or "Hi, I'm bite size" or some shit. I didnt have a name so I had to think of one real quick and I figured I'd name myself after the most average, unremarkable thing I could think of, and at that time it was a pigeon. So I was like wsup my name is pigeon, I was just getting into Dubstep and EDM around that time so I was like it would be dope if I used my rave name, so I just used that. It's spelled Pijdeon cuz you know how niggas like to spell shit wrong. I don't know how the lord got there: I think I was getting stoned with Mike Gao and he suggested it, and I thought it would be funny and then I liked it. Actually it's cuz I'm the fuckn Lord woo.

Broke Biird: How would you describe your sound, see if you can do it in three words?

Pidjeon: That's not an easy question to answer...I don't really feel as though my "sound" is something describable with words. As far as the stuff I've been putting out to the public, its the sound I use to shout to the world that I'm DTF, so to speak. Culo Wave Bass or Hip Hop lol

Broke Biird: So besides Broke Biird, who are a few of your favorite producers at the moment?

Pidjeon: I'm feeling Basenji, FlyLo, Marginal Men,....there's so many names man. I don't know it's like trying to think of what weed I'm liking most right now; too many names.
Broke Biird is sick tho. I was playing some Broke Biird tracks and my dad was feeling it big time, haha.

Broke Biird: Are there any future collabs that we can know about?

Pidjeon: I'm working on some stuff with a few people. I won't drop names, but you can expect collab releases on All Mine LA, here in Cali, Doggtown Records in Amsterdam, OH! and Alpha Pup.

Broke Biird: You catch yourself busy in production and check the time and it reads "4:20pm" what's your next move?

Pidjeon: If I'm in the middle of producing a track, I wait til' I'm done working to smoke again, so I'll just giggle about the time and keep working.

Broke Biird: What if your favorite production that you've worked on?

Pidjeon: I like them all, every work has a vibe of it's own. I guess I like the ones with Alice cuz there's actual vocals, ha.

Broke Biird: Where do you get the inspiration for your tracks from?

Pidjeon: I've always liked raw beats and raw vibes. Alice was actually the one who introduced me to Baile Funk. She showed me some songs from Rio and I was hooked, it felt so perfect to me.

Broke Biird: So you aren't of any Hispanic or Latino descent?

Pidjeon: Nope, bloodline from Africa. I def get a fair amount of influence from lving in SoCal......Latin women

Broke Biird: So enough about production, tell us a little about yourself. What would you say is your favorite food?

Pidjeon: Ice cream & Pussy. If I have to choose one; ice cream.......just put ice cream........Actually...ice cream and sushi....and pussy.

Broke Biird: Do you have any pets, and do they DJ?

Pidjeon: I have two dogs and they do everything I do ten times better.

Broke Biird: Yo my dog chills and blazes more than I do, I feel you on dogs being better than us at stuff.

Pidjeon: Word

Broke Biird: What is Lord Pidjeon's favorite game of all time?

Pidjeon: Tie between Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, and The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Broke Biird: What producers do you personally feel that the world should be looking out for?

Pidjeon: Whipped Cream, and Rio Mandeira are the ones that come to mind and me of course ;)

Broke Biird: Well thanks a lot for your time bro, it was a pleasure being able to have this chat and I personally cannot wait for more of your releases.

Pidjeon: Sweet! The pleasure was mine. Thanks for the love!
Broke Biird