Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Stroll Down Memory Lane

Do you like donuts? Cause I sure as hell do. We all had our Dilla phase in our pasts and probably still do listen to Dilla to this day. May his soul rest in peace. Now this isn't a remix, but Braeden Bailey uses one of Dilla's most infamous samples from the classic "Won't Do" which gives this track such a chill and relaxing vibe that will most likely make you replay this beat over and over again. Braeden brings in his own sound with his melodic keys and other elements of this beat. 19 year old Braeden who has been making a rise in the underground hip-hop/bass/and some trap scene with being a part of the collectives Top Cats and Zen Supremacy, surely delivers gold with this. I highly recommend checking out his soundcloud, you will not be let down one bit. He's even had a track of his reposted by the one and only Mr. Carmack who doesn't just repost anything or have bad taste. Here are some other beats with Dilla samples and re-imaginations of his beats