Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Jamie xx - I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times) ft. Young Thug & Popcaan

Jamie XX releases another track that will be featured on his upcoming album "In Colour" and wow is it such an amazing track. The collaboration with Popcaan and Young Thug work so well. We will need to grab this album on June 1st, when it comes out.

Jamie XX:


Monday, May 11, 2015

TenTwentySeven - Ep II

SmashTales is a new collective featuring many talented artists who have a deep appreciation for Bass music. This band of Bass enthusiasts is headed by Esgar and with his help we see much talent from the acts on his collective. TenTwentySeven is another amazing artist that is making waves with his interpretation of this new breed of Futuristic and darker Techno music. The bass is aggressive and reminiscent of a wave smashing against a cliff and then the percussions kick in and change the vibe. A chopped vocal sample just to add some more flavor and what you have is a solid must have track. The EP titled "II" features a VIP of "Move On It' and features a more club friendly remix of "DRT" by Esgar.


Friday, May 8, 2015

Fresh Flavors: Volume 3

Check out these fresh new flavors for you to jam too and have a good time!

We had to do a special mention of Disclosures new track Bang That and its such a good tune. Really into their current music direction.

JackLNDN really creating good vibes with this amazing remix. This tune definitely has those summer vibes we are all ready for.

I never thought "How We Do" by The Game could be made into a good house track, but Templeton has accomplished that and surprised me with his fresh style.

Deffie has this really amazing style that is reminiscent of people like Lakim and Kaytranada. So let's see if they every collab. This Flex remix offers so many smooth and funky layers. Its a must DL.

This EZRA remix still has me feeling some type of way. So much talent in this track. It's on heavy rotation on my speakers, and you need this too.

Samisoni, aka Big Makk keeps on delivering quality tracks and remixes. This is by far the best remix in a list of big named producers on the remix list roster.

Who doesn't love some Bass House vibes mixed in with some classic Eurythmics, "Sweet Dreams" track. Check out Rich Pinder and DJOKO for more awesome tunes


Thursday, May 7, 2015

Fresh Flavors: Volume 2

Here's a follow up to the much hyped up Fresh Flavors series that will continue to showcase multiple artists and their awesome free tracks that are available for download.

This Bass House remix brings new life to Lean on by Major Lazer. Good stuff Malaa!

Astronomar and everything coming out of Main Course has been on point and helping to lead a movement to quality music. This free track lives up to the collectives growing influence. Shout out to Bot for his contribution to this quality track.

Alfred English really bringing the Bass with this Stoner remix. Dude is definitely an upcoming talent that will be known by many soon enough.

These Housey vibes by Shemce are awesome! Better then the original and a must in your digital crates.

Astronomar really teaching the youth about those old school house vibes. Impress with this redrum.

Some deep house vibes for you. I randomly stumbled on this track and was pleasantly surprised.


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Fresh Flavors: Vol. 1

Fresh Flavors 
 Fresh Flavors will feature a round up of some of my favorite tracks right now that are also all downloadable for free. So make sure to check out these installments once a month.  

  Hex Cougar continues to push his style and delivers an amazing remix for Pusher on Boogatti Records. 

 This track by JKAY delivers all those amazing Garage House vibes we been needing in this music scene with this amazing track. Make sure to check out his other tunes that are also must haves! 


  Autoerotique gives us this free Bass House track and samples Brandy and uses amazing bass synths and percussions to create a must have in your digital crates. 

  Carpainter delivers the standout track on the Top Billin Music compilation which is filled with all around next level tracks. Maybe i just did this glitch garage house sound, but it's an amazing track. 

   Yes, another Trap Queen remix, but unlike many others this one goes at a total different direction and offers melodic vocals and creamy synths that carry this track and make it a warm and beautiful track.  Check out more Autolaser 


XO - Flames of a Phoenix

XO - Flames of a Phoenix

XO - Flames of a Phoenix 

 XO has released a new single to follow up his EP "THE ETHEREAL EXPERIENCE" and its a smooth track with a lot of soul. The track Flames of a Phoenix has tons of smooth funky vibes and melodic vocals by XO that complete this track.  

Black Marble Collective - Volume II

Black Marble Collective - Volume II

Black Marble Collective - Volume II

 Black Marble Collective releases their follow up EP and man is it fire! You have big names like Juke Ellington contributing to the compilation and smaller names like Dreamcasts. All equally delivering different concepts in bass music. This collective is a must for the music crates.