Monday, April 4, 2016

Bernie Sanders, Diplo, and Electronic Politics [Video]

The Electronic music culture today has gone global and expanded to a huge audience; but Electronic music culture wasn't always that accepted by all. There was a point where House, Techno, and Electronic music was just for an underground and outcast group of people. The message in many classic House tracks is political and also pleasant to the ears. Electronic music often contained a message of gender, race, and sexual orientation equality. They contained messages of peace and social cooperation.

Today, Electronic music has lost a lot of it's soul and origins, but there are still fragments of those origins that made Electronic music so important to the Human culture. Diplo's project Major Lazer, contains motto's such as "Peace Is The Mission" and recently being one of the first major American music acts to play in Cuba.

We even see DJ's like Diplo and Aoki endorse Bernie Sanders by using their voice and influence for a positive view of their sentiments towards the political process. We don't often see DJ's show support for the political process or even state a message for political change anymore, but it does happen still.

Recently, Bernie Sanders released a new campaign ad showcasing the different and growing support for his presidential campaign and in the background you can hear Diplo's "Revolution" song.  We know through different campaigns that not getting permission from the artist to use the song in the campaign can lead to legal trouble. We saw this with MGMT and the former French president Sarkozy. The public displays of support on Bernie Sanders by Diplo gives us an idea that he probably was more than willing to allow his song on the Sanders campaign ad.

Electronic music isn't all just good times and fun. It's political, It's conscious, and It's universal. Messages that will grow as DJ's like Diplo, Aoki, & Zedd become increasingly active in using their influence for a positive political message,